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Anguilla : Dog island , Shoal bay , ...

Anguilla - Cap Juluca
  • Cap Juluca
  • Anguilla
  • Sandy island - Anguilla
  • Crocus bay - Anguilla
  • Shoal bay - Anguilla

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Visit Anguilla by boat - Cap Juluca, Dog island, sandy island, Shoal bay

1. Mounday's Bay :

A splendid anchorage facing a very successful Moroccan style Resort, with turquoise waters and a beautiful sandy beach.

2. Dog island :

A fabulous small uninhabited cay close to Anguilla and a real sample of paradise!

3. Sandy island :

A divine little cay with its three coconut palms, powder fine sand, turquoise lagoon, multi coloured coral and endless sea birds enjoying the breeze you cant go wrong!

4. Little Bay :

A lovely tiny sandy beach, edged by cliffs where pelicans dive in search of some treat from the sea

5. Shoal bay :

The most fantastic beach of Anguilla, a huge powdery sand beach with turquoise waters surrounded by multi coloured corals

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