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Frequently Asked Questions

Why renting a boat in St Martin†?

Itís just the ideal way to discover the most beautiful remoted beaches and its clear crystal waters. Not to forget the little islands within a small distance for the most exciting snorkelspots. Highly recommend for those who like to optimize their day

Which boat to choose?

Aboard a sailboat you take advantage of the smooth waters, either relaxing or racing close by nature if wind permits.
Aboard the multihull, which offers more space and stability, you can relax all the way on a peaceful Caribbean ritme. Great for families with small children. Motorised boats for faster navigation, offers more stops in less time. No hassles, direct to the point.
For the fishing adepts , an exciting day out aboard a fully equipped sports fishing boat, teasing the bigger ones such as Tuna, Dolphin, Mahi mahi, Kingfish, Marlin,Ö St Martinís record catch: a 815lbs Marlin!!

How long can we rent a boat?

All the boat are available for either half day, full day or even a week rental, just as you like.

What about the itinerary?

Itís your day, you decide. The captain can advise on departure depending on the weather conditions of that day. He will help choosing the best option and adapt totally to your wishes.

What about the rates? what is included?

They will never exceed the basic owner rates, they might even be less. Most of the excursions include Skipper, gas, Open bar and Snorkel gear. Lunch is mostly optional and can be taken on board on some boats or captain will point out nice beach restaurants on the way

Insurance, whoís responsible

All the boat owners on our website have provided their insurances and permits. We do not accept any boat in our list if they canít prove their legal existence.

When HENNEBOIS Lysiane rents a boat of which it is not itself owner, she acts as intermediary between the customer on one hand and the ship owner on the other hand, she cannot be held person in charge of the accidents and the damage arising during the rent, no more than the consequences resulting from malpractices against rules and the current formalities in the visited countries. It will be the same for the delays, the losses, the thefts of effects or luggage, the weather conditions. HENNEBOIS Lysiane chooses carefully her partners according to their professionalism. It falls however to the customer during the signature of the final rental agreement with the owner, to verify that said contract is in accordance with its requirements and with the legal obligations, in particular in term of insurance policy and documents of the ship.
In case of incident during the rent giving rise to a dispute, HENNEBOIS Lysiane will as possible strive to find an agreement giving satisfaction to the customer, she cannot however beconsidered as person in charge. The ship owner is only responsible according to the terms stipulated in the contract signed with the customer the day of boarding.


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