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The Virgin Island
Virgin island yacht charter

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The Virgin Island

A special programme, the Virgin Islands: a 14 days trip leaving form St. Martin

This two-week trip enables you to discover the enchanting Virgin Islands. Having spent three or four days in and around St. Martin, you make a twelve hour downwind passage with the trades to reach the Virgins: a chain of verdant islands surrounded by waters which are protected from the wind driven swells (ideal conditions for sailing); paradisiacal islands with deserted creeks, hundreds of glorious beaches, and an exceptional place called the Baths, shoals of brightly coloured fish that mingle with swimmers, pirate hide-outs vibrating to the sound of steel drum bands or reggae…

A highly recommended itinerary for those who have the time!

The itinerary is obviously planned according to your wishes, and is approved by the captain subject to certain conditions related to safety, the weather forecast, your return date etc.


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