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Le repaire du pirate

accueil restaurant

Description :

The “repaire du pirate”, French restaurant located in Grand Case.
Open every evening. Grilled fish and meat.

The restaurant " le repaire du pirate” is located in the center of the charming Grand Case village, close to a large and pretty bay.
Amongst other things is the gastronomy center of the island and of the Caribbean.
You cannot miss the pirate’s den with its mast and skull and crossbones sail. For the sailors, mizzen sail or to use a sailor term " jigger sail ".

The guns of the pirate are aimed on the nearby police station and ready to fire. The den of this pirate very mistrustful of other pirates is closed around a beautiful old “case” built in 1847 (restored by Marcel, the captain).
You should come and visit the “case” where I live. You will not miss its unique bathroom!
An old door with an ancient bone (human femur) as handle, a large shackle to knock the door.
Through a peephole, I will ask for the password " MORTES COUILLES " remember it!!!

Once in, forget it! Welcome by the pirate Marcel, the boss, a good-looking and blue eyes 7O years old young man.
By his side, his charming Cynthia, pretty half-caste GUIANESE captured on PANAMA coasts. She loves tips…

The rebel Cynthia will offer you a nice Punch planteur and the menu. DOM, the chef of the canteen (kitchen in the navy), will prepare his best barbecue grills for you. Super beef rib and other meats, grilled fishes, wide choice of kebabs, special wood flavour.
Cynthia presents her super wines list. A very local restaurant where the whole world comes and enjoys nice evenings.
Wines included, well served plates and desserts, you can dine for 25 to 40 euros per person. You are offered welcome and friendship every evening over an old coffee pot and the famous pirate’s Mixture " Le Tafia du Busco " which lights up the night paths.

Do not forget the password - MORTES COUILLES – we are waiting for you!!!

Contact :

  • Adresse:  Le repaire du pirate
                           Grand Case
                           97150 Saint martin (FWI)
  • 05 90 87 03 74

Restaurant location:

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